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If this blog post ROCKS, then tell me!

Haha…of course, there’s a LOT of online video and articles about every subject under the sun on the web; you can’t make a comment on everything you view or read, but letting your feelings be known will be welcomed by the video-maker and the blog-writer alike.

It’s the Right Thing to Do!

Every time you visit YouTube and watch a video you like, do you give it the thumbs up or leave a comment about it, to show your appreciation, voice your opinion or give a suggestion?

If you read a blog post that helps you out with a few tips or offers a new point of view about something you’ve been wondering about, do you leave a comment below to let the writer know?

To any video-maker or writer the worst thing is silence…no reaction…dead calm! It doesn’t tell them whether their creation was entertaining, informative, enlightening, expertly done, useless or could be improved upon.

In this world of social media we are now in the midst of, everyone is getting used to commenting on other people’s business! Many people are starting to find a written and spoken “voice” on the Internet.

So if you enjoyed watching something – which a video maker or writer has spent their time to plan, write, shoot, edit and/or upload for common benefit – then letting them know about it is the right thing to do.

Here is the rest of our blog video production gold coast


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