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Fast web formula 3

October 29, 2011
We are at fast web formula 3 doing some videoing …


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October 25, 2011
I just listened to this Audioboo and thought that you should hear it too


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20 Reason People Buy

October 23, 2011

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What Makes People Buy? 20 Reasons Why

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My mentor, Roy Williams, described shoppers as operating in either one of two modes: transactional or relational, a few years ago. At that time, some of us loafed around virtually, exchanging emails with friends, trying to complete a list of reasons that motivate people to buy things. (Thank you, Tom G. and Brett F.) More recently, I returned to compiling the list with the rest of my colleagues. Trying to understand these types of things is what drives us. It also benefits our clients.

What follows below is what we came up with, albeit likely incomplete. As you read this list, can you identify which of these motivations are relational and which are transactional? Can you see where they each fit within Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Will you help us find additional motivations?

Some of these are self-explanatory. The forces that influence whether people buy include:

  1. Basic needs. We buy things to fulfill what Maslow describes as the bottom of his hierarchy; things like food and shelter.
  2. Convenience. You need something now and will take the easiest or fastest path to get it. Think about the last time you were running out of gas, or were thirsty and found the nearest beverage of choice. This could also be choosing the safe vendor (no one ever gets fired for hiring IBM), or purchasing something to increase comfort or efficiency.
  3. Replacement. Sometimes you buy because you need to replace old things you have (e.g., clothes that don't fit or are out-of-date). This could be moving from a VCR to a DVD player.
  4. Scarcity. This could be around collectibles or a perceived need that something may run out or have limited availability in the future. Additionally, there's a hope to gain a return on investment, such as collectibles or antiques; anything that accrues value over time.
  5. Prestige or aspirational purchase. Something that is purchased for an esteem-related reason or for personal enrichment.
  6. Emotional vacuum. Sometimes you just buy to try to replace things you cannot have and never will.
  7. Lower prices. Something you identified earlier as a want is now a lower price than before. Maybe you were browsing for a particular large-screen TV and you saw a great summer special.
  8. Great value. When the perceived value substantially exceeds the price of a product or service. This is something you don't particularly need; you just feel it's too good of a deal to pass up. (Like the stuff they place near the endcaps or checkout counters of stores.)
  9. Name recognition. When purchasing a category you're unfamiliar with, branding plays a big role. Maybe you had to buy diapers for a family member and you reach for Pampers because of your familiarity with the brand, even though you don't have children yourself.
  10. Fad or innovation. Everybody wants the latest and greatest (i.e., iPhone mania.) This could also be when someone mimics their favorite celebrity.
  11. Compulsory purchase. Some external force, like school books, uniforms, or something your boss asked you to do, makes it mandatory. This often happens in emergencies, such as when you need a plumber.
  12. Ego stroking. Sometimes you make a purchase to impress/attract someone or to have something bigger and better than others. To look like an expert/aficionado; to meet a standard of social status, often exceeding what's realistically affordable to make it at least seem like you operate at a higher level.
  13. Niche identity. Something that helps bond you to a cultural, religious, or community affiliation. Maybe you're a Harvard alumnus and Yankee fan who keeps kosher. (You can also find anti-niche identity by rebellion, assuming you're pretty comfortable with irony.)
  14. Peer pressure. Something is purchased because your friends want you to. You may need to think back to your teen years to think of an example.
  15. The "Girl Scout Cookie effect." People feel better about themselves by feeling as though they're giving to others; and especially when they're promised something in return. Purchasing things they don't need – or wouldn't normally purchase – because it will help another person or make the world a better place incrementally is essential to certain buying decisions.
  16. Reciprocity or guilt. This happens when somebody – usually an acquaintance, or someone rarely gift-worthy – buys you a gift or does something exceptionally nice and/or unnecessary. Now it's your turn to return the favor at the next opportunity. Examples:
  17. Empathy. Sometimes people buy from other people because they listened and cared about them even if they had the lesser value alternative.
  18. Addiction. This is outside the range of the normal human operating system, but it certainly exists and accounts for more sales than any of us can fathom. Can you think back to the last time you bought something and fully explain the reason why?
  19. Fear. From pink Taser stun guns to oversized SUVs to backyard bomb shelters – and even stuff so basic as a tire pressure gauge – these things are bought out of fear. So, before you go knocking "fear" as a motivator, ask yourself: Are you Y2K compliant?
  20. Indulgence. Who doesn't deserve a bit of luxury now and then? So long as you can afford it, sometimes there's no better justification for that hour-long massage, that pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream, or that $75 bottle of 18-year single malt scotch other than "you're worth it" (best when said to self in front of mirror with a wink and/or head tilt).

These are the things my company has helped clients think about. I hope this list at least gets you started. And let me know if you need help understanding your customers' motivations. It's what I do. But in the meantime…

Video marketing gold coast

I waiting for this moment all my life

October 23, 2011

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Eye-Balling Your Customers with Online Video

October 22, 2011
What’s the old saying? People buy from people? That’s possibly the key to why online video works so well as a marketing tool because it gives the customer the chance to eyeball you and you them!

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It means the customer can see you; they know you exist; they know you are not one of these well publicized Internet scams; they know you are not asking to send your some cash to a bank account in return for a huge inheritance from a long-lost relation you never knew existed!

This is important because the perception still exists amongst some Australians that the Internet is just one big scam and buying something online is asking for trouble.

The best way of selling something is face to face. With online business that’s not possible so video represents the next best thing – a way for the customer to see who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer them.

If the video is well-written and well-made it will capture you at your best – which appointments don’t always do! We’ve all had those meetings from hell, when you spill the coffee before getting your words all twisted and tripping over the carpet on your way out. Online video avoids some of those problems!

It also gives you a unique opportunity to engage the viewer – your appearance, personality and information can combine to really communicate with the viewer in a way that text rarely can.

Few of us have the ability to make the words leap off the page and stick in the customer’s minds, whereas a well-scripted video made in a good location with good lighting and maybe some incidental music and skilled editing really can hit spots that text cannot reach.

Selling on the Internet is all about driving traffic to your sites and then holding the viewer’s attention long enough to be able to get your message across. You normally have about 10 or 15 seconds to grab their attention before the viewer is thinking about click away and video can achieve that much more readily than the written word or still pictures.

Being able to look your customers in the eye and tell them what you can offer is just one of many benefits with using online video marketing on your web site, YouTube and other video hosting sites to distribute your videos to a wider potential audience.

Michael and the team at VideoLabs will be happy to discuss the many other benefits with you. Give him a call on 0447 610 823.

Make Your Homepage Dynamic

October 22, 2011
If you haven’t yet worked out that adding video to your online marketing plans will increase traffic and potential sales for your business, then you’re a little slow on the uptake but it’s not too late for you to quit monkeying around and catch up!

 Brisbane Video Production 

Australian businesses are now starting to do what American businesses have been doing for a while and it’s important to get into the right habits early on with your video marketing; here are some immediate pointers to get you going.

Make Your Homepage Dynamic

Adding video to your homepage makes it more dynamic and will ensure you are looking “with it”. We are almost at the stage that a web site without video looks incredibly dated and is not providing visitors with what they expect to see on a modern site. Placing your video at the top of the page is normal, because it should be the main feature.

Keep it Polished!

If you are presenting your company through video you need to keep it polished and well-made; just as your punctuality, appearance, handshake, smile and the design and condition of the business card you hand over may be the first impression formed in a face to face meeting, the first impression online will be from your video. So make sure it creates the impression you want!

Frequently Answered Questions!

Use Video to answer FAQs. This is a great way to promote your expertise in your area and to gain both credibility and authority. Most business owners can draw up a list of 10 or 20 FAQs that they get asked so many times it becomes a standing joke! Use these to form the basis of a series of videos for your site.

Show Them How!

Showing your viewers how to perform a particular task related to your business further adds to your credibility, trustworthiness and authority in your business area. If you are a landscape gardener show them how they can treat their decking! This really boosts the online profile of your company and also allows you to highlight some of your products or services.

Spread Yourself Around!

Don’t confine your videos to your web site. Make sure you post them to as many of the free video hosting sites as possible – not just YouTube but Vimeo, Viddler, Tubemogul and Daily Motion etc. Also get them on to the business pages of your social media sites, where they will receive more exposure and improve your search engine rankings.

Optimise it!

Don’t forget to make sure your video is fully optimized. Create your titles and descriptions with your business keywords in mind. If you can shape your titles and descriptions around some of the FAQs then when people search for the answer then there’s a great chance of your video coming up in the search engine listings.

Use it Offline Too!

Don’t forget that the videos you upload to all those places can be collated onto a DVD and distributed cheaply this way, as another sales and marketing tool. If the videos are already made this is a cheaper method than printing glossy brochures and it will have more impact. There’s no need to neglect the offline world just because your online world is getting such a boost!

Making and marketing effective videos is something you might not get right first time, but practice will make perfect. If you need some help along the way then Michael at VideoLabs on 0447 610 823 has the expertise to tailor-make a video marketing strategy for your small business. Give him a call!

5 ways you can go about your online video marketing to turn it into a killer strategy!

October 22, 2011

If you’ve been using online video for a while but are finding it difficult either to get enough people to view your videos or to generate new leads, or both, then you need to start doing something a bit different.

Video marketing that’s not generating leads isn’t really doing its job … much like the rather useless creature to the left!

Following are 5 ways you can go about your online video marketing to turn it into a killer strategy!

Better Research and Tagging of Your Videos

When you built your web site I’m sure you did some keyword research to check what search terms people were searching for on Google; that gave you an idea as to what keyword phrases to base your site around.

Well the research process is equally as important for videos that are getting uploaded to YouTube for example. The content of the video is one thing and then you have the description, the tags and the video title which all need to be optimized and based around your keywords. Many people miss this and expect people to find their videos by magic. Keywords matter with video tagging and descriptions too!

Interesting and Relevant Content

Be honest – would you be enthralled by your video if you came across it after seraching and being directed to it? Would it capture your attention and keep it? Unless you have good content that keeps your viewer engaged and informed then he will likely click away to something else. Video is a great tool for keeping people’s attention and you can use it to inform, entertain or to delight; how-to-videos, for example, are great, as is any content that shows you to be an expert in your field.

Call Them to Action!

Does your video contain a call to action? Are you directing your viewer what to do next. There’s nothing worse that watching a video, wanting to find out more and not knowing where to go. Tell the viewer what ha or she should do and create some urgency for him to do it.

Use Your Tools to Sell Your Business and Monitor Progress!

Video presents a great opportunity to use a few tools to start selling your business and piecing together a database of new leads. Are you measuring how many people are watching your videos and do you have systems in place for capturing people’s details? For example you can use the video to sell a free report which they have to sign up for to receive – that way you get their approval for adding their email address to your database.

Clear and Succinct Presentation

Do not waffle in your video – people will get bored and click away. Keep it to the point, clear and as brief as possible – guide your viewer through your message. You can be creative but don’t use too much form over function; what you need is for them to have the right information to see your business as a solution -the right product/service for their problem – and to be led to a call to action that benefits them and you.

The online video marketing tips presented here are just a few of the techniques the team at VideoLabs uses to implement a results-oriented video marketing strategy for small businesses in Australia. For further information contact Michael at


Brisbane Video Production

October 22, 2011

Video production Brisbane 

The growth of online video marketing was given another boost recently by Google’s addition of online video advertising campaigns to the AdWords platform.

Released as a beta version in the US, the UK and Germany, AdWords for Video is a self-service way to simplify video ad management from designing and targeting your video to tracking its success. It essentially aims to create an efficient and effective way for advertisers to reach targeted viewers.

Following are some of the features of Google’s new system.

Easy Set Up

You may already be familiar with the AdWords interface. The new format is not too different, except that you will notice a new tab that gives you the option to navigate through video campaigns and to create a new video campaign.

From there the steps are fairly easy to follow by clicking through the self-explanatory tabs and menus, selecting   options and filling in the necessary fields.

Different Ad Formats

You can choose between 4 different types of video ad formats:

  • In-Search: these are the YouTube ads which appear on the search screen of the YouTube website and Google video searches.
  • In-Stream: these are skippable ads that show before the user gets to see the requested other video content.
  • In-Slate: these ads are select by viewers from several options; they are non-skippable and precede other video content.
  • In-Display: These are shown in the Google Display Network; the display format is based on both the advertiser’s and webmaster’s settings.

Targeting Tools

One of the main objections to online video advertising previously has been the difficulty of targeting specific audiences.

With Google AdWords for Video you can search for targeted keywords that apply to particular topics, actual keywords, themes or placements. You can also advertise within specific topics and demographics.

Tracking Tools

Another of the objections to online video advertising in the past has been the difficulty of measuring results. AdWords for Video takes some steps towards addressing that.

Like with any ad campaign in AdWords, there is a campaign statistics section that will give you detailed information such as:

  • The view rate
  • Number of impressions ( less important than views, because you actually want the viewer to watch your video)
  • The cost per view (CPV)
  • The total cost
  • Website click through numbers

You can also expand the value of these statistics by comparing them with previous campaigns – it is very important to do this so that you know what approaches are working best; this will allow you to make positive adjustments in the future.

This gives you an overview of some of the features of AdWords for Video and will help if you are looking to do get involved with video advertising in the future…when the service becomes generally available! It’s a good idea to get a heads up on where this aspect of online video marketing is heading because it ‘s sure to be talked about more in the future.

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Screen grab of us planing a clients knew video

October 22, 2011

Video production gold coast 

we are co – creating a new video for our high end client, really exciting to be doing this, 

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