Never becoming one. Say you’ll start ….. Read more

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5 Grave Errors that Doom Home Based Entrepreneurs


Home based entrepreneurs can become successful more quickly by avoiding a few grave errors, such as….

1 – Never becoming one. Say you’ll start a home based opportunity today, then tomorrow. Then next week. 3 months later, you haven’t started. You’re wasting time that could be used shortening your learning curve.

2 – Doing what the other guy does. Home based entrepreneurs who base their decisions solely on what the crowd does are doomed. If you do what everybody else does expect similar results.

3 – Going small potatos. Entering a program because it’s cheap instead of ponying up and investing in a more professional, prospering program. Think Big Picture home based entrepreneurs!

4 – Not paying up at all. If you can’t find $200 over the course of 1, 2 or 3 months, you aren’t serious about improving your life with a home based opportunity.

5 – Becoming a master critic. Some home based dufuses know everything that DOESN’T work, everything that’s ILLEGAL, everything that’s a SCAM. These people are driven by fear and are doomed for failure. While you’re picking out what’s wrong, the guy you’re criticizing is figuring out what DOES work, having victory after victory, plowing through the dingbat resistance you attempt to form.


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