5 ways you can go about your online video marketing to turn it into a killer strategy!

If you’ve been using online video for a while but are finding it difficult either to get enough people to view your videos or to generate new leads, or both, then you need to start doing something a bit different.

Video marketing that’s not generating leads isn’t really doing its job … much like the rather useless creature to the left!

Following are 5 ways you can go about your online video marketing to turn it into a killer strategy!

Better Research and Tagging of Your Videos

When you built your web site I’m sure you did some keyword research to check what search terms people were searching for on Google; that gave you an idea as to what keyword phrases to base your site around.

Well the research process is equally as important for videos that are getting uploaded to YouTube for example. The content of the video is one thing and then you have the description, the tags and the video title which all need to be optimized and based around your keywords. Many people miss this and expect people to find their videos by magic. Keywords matter with video tagging and descriptions too!

Interesting and Relevant Content

Be honest – would you be enthralled by your video if you came across it after seraching and being directed to it? Would it capture your attention and keep it? Unless you have good content that keeps your viewer engaged and informed then he will likely click away to something else. Video is a great tool for keeping people’s attention and you can use it to inform, entertain or to delight; how-to-videos, for example, are great, as is any content that shows you to be an expert in your field.

Call Them to Action!

Does your video contain a call to action? Are you directing your viewer what to do next. There’s nothing worse that watching a video, wanting to find out more and not knowing where to go. Tell the viewer what ha or she should do and create some urgency for him to do it.

Use Your Tools to Sell Your Business and Monitor Progress!

Video presents a great opportunity to use a few tools to start selling your business and piecing together a database of new leads. Are you measuring how many people are watching your videos and do you have systems in place for capturing people’s details? For example you can use the video to sell a free report which they have to sign up for to receive – that way you get their approval for adding their email address to your database.

Clear and Succinct Presentation

Do not waffle in your video – people will get bored and click away. Keep it to the point, clear and as brief as possible – guide your viewer through your message. You can be creative but don’t use too much form over function; what you need is for them to have the right information to see your business as a solution -the right product/service for their problem – and to be led to a call to action that benefits them and you.

The online video marketing tips presented here are just a few of the techniques the team at VideoLabs uses to implement a results-oriented video marketing strategy for small businesses in Australia. For further information contact Michael at michael@goldcoastmarketinglabs.com



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