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The growth of online video marketing was given another boost recently by Google’s addition of online video advertising campaigns to the AdWords platform.

Released as a beta version in the US, the UK and Germany, AdWords for Video is a self-service way to simplify video ad management from designing and targeting your video to tracking its success. It essentially aims to create an efficient and effective way for advertisers to reach targeted viewers.

Following are some of the features of Google’s new system.

Easy Set Up

You may already be familiar with the AdWords interface. The new format is not too different, except that you will notice a new tab that gives you the option to navigate through video campaigns and to create a new video campaign.

From there the steps are fairly easy to follow by clicking through the self-explanatory tabs and menus, selecting   options and filling in the necessary fields.

Different Ad Formats

You can choose between 4 different types of video ad formats:

  • In-Search: these are the YouTube ads which appear on the search screen of the YouTube website and Google video searches.
  • In-Stream: these are skippable ads that show before the user gets to see the requested other video content.
  • In-Slate: these ads are select by viewers from several options; they are non-skippable and precede other video content.
  • In-Display: These are shown in the Google Display Network; the display format is based on both the advertiser’s and webmaster’s settings.

Targeting Tools

One of the main objections to online video advertising previously has been the difficulty of targeting specific audiences.

With Google AdWords for Video you can search for targeted keywords that apply to particular topics, actual keywords, themes or placements. You can also advertise within specific topics and demographics.

Tracking Tools

Another of the objections to online video advertising in the past has been the difficulty of measuring results. AdWords for Video takes some steps towards addressing that.

Like with any ad campaign in AdWords, there is a campaign statistics section that will give you detailed information such as:

  • The view rate
  • Number of impressions ( less important than views, because you actually want the viewer to watch your video)
  • The cost per view (CPV)
  • The total cost
  • Website click through numbers

You can also expand the value of these statistics by comparing them with previous campaigns – it is very important to do this so that you know what approaches are working best; this will allow you to make positive adjustments in the future.

This gives you an overview of some of the features of AdWords for Video and will help if you are looking to do get involved with video advertising in the future…when the service becomes generally available! It’s a good idea to get a heads up on where this aspect of online video marketing is heading because it ‘s sure to be talked about more in the future.

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