Make Your Homepage Dynamic

If you haven’t yet worked out that adding video to your online marketing plans will increase traffic and potential sales for your business, then you’re a little slow on the uptake but it’s not too late for you to quit monkeying around and catch up!

 Brisbane Video Production 

Australian businesses are now starting to do what American businesses have been doing for a while and it’s important to get into the right habits early on with your video marketing; here are some immediate pointers to get you going.

Make Your Homepage Dynamic

Adding video to your homepage makes it more dynamic and will ensure you are looking “with it”. We are almost at the stage that a web site without video looks incredibly dated and is not providing visitors with what they expect to see on a modern site. Placing your video at the top of the page is normal, because it should be the main feature.

Keep it Polished!

If you are presenting your company through video you need to keep it polished and well-made; just as your punctuality, appearance, handshake, smile and the design and condition of the business card you hand over may be the first impression formed in a face to face meeting, the first impression online will be from your video. So make sure it creates the impression you want!

Frequently Answered Questions!

Use Video to answer FAQs. This is a great way to promote your expertise in your area and to gain both credibility and authority. Most business owners can draw up a list of 10 or 20 FAQs that they get asked so many times it becomes a standing joke! Use these to form the basis of a series of videos for your site.

Show Them How!

Showing your viewers how to perform a particular task related to your business further adds to your credibility, trustworthiness and authority in your business area. If you are a landscape gardener show them how they can treat their decking! This really boosts the online profile of your company and also allows you to highlight some of your products or services.

Spread Yourself Around!

Don’t confine your videos to your web site. Make sure you post them to as many of the free video hosting sites as possible – not just YouTube but Vimeo, Viddler, Tubemogul and Daily Motion etc. Also get them on to the business pages of your social media sites, where they will receive more exposure and improve your search engine rankings.

Optimise it!

Don’t forget to make sure your video is fully optimized. Create your titles and descriptions with your business keywords in mind. If you can shape your titles and descriptions around some of the FAQs then when people search for the answer then there’s a great chance of your video coming up in the search engine listings.

Use it Offline Too!

Don’t forget that the videos you upload to all those places can be collated onto a DVD and distributed cheaply this way, as another sales and marketing tool. If the videos are already made this is a cheaper method than printing glossy brochures and it will have more impact. There’s no need to neglect the offline world just because your online world is getting such a boost!

Making and marketing effective videos is something you might not get right first time, but practice will make perfect. If you need some help along the way then Michael at VideoLabs on 0447 610 823 has the expertise to tailor-make a video marketing strategy for your small business. Give him a call!


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