How to Embed Video on Your Web Site the Easy Way


We’ve seen in recent posts the importance of including a video marketing strategy for your online business but once you have your video made and ready to go how do you actually embed it on your web site and get it working for you?Embedding video makes it easy for the visitor to view your video without being taken to another location; importantly it keeps the visitor on your web page rather than navigating away –from whence they may never return!Previously you needed to upload large 100-200MB WMV and AVI files onto your website just to cover a 5-minute video and the viewer had to wait until the whole video finished downloading in order to view it.

 If this was a slow process, as was common, then the visitor simply got bored and clicked away; that’s the last thing you want to happen.Embedding allows you to make literally hours of web video and instead of it amounting to many Gigabytes of files it remains a manageable size to work with: a 5-minutes video may be just a few Megabytes.

By uploading your video to YouTube you can turn it into a flash video format, which will provide you with a HTML code that you can insert into your web site and this will replicate the video there, providing an easy way to embed it.This is the way that most novices can use, as long as you are patient enough to upload your video to YouTube in the first place – this may be best done overnight if it’s a large file.

 It’s also the most commonly used way to embed video at present.Alternatively you create an AVI or WMV file that you convert into flash format using some web video converting software. There are some user-friendly packages around that most people can get their heads around without having to be a computer “geek” but others are rather hard to use and are best avoided unless you know what you’re doing.

There are plenty of ways you can help yourself with online video marketing for your small business. You will find plenty of resources on the VideoLabs web site to help you along the way but from time to time you may need some professional assistance and Michael is contactable at to offer advice wherever necessary.


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