The 4-Step DIME Method to Create Great Video for Your Web Site

If your web video marketing campaigns seem to be running out of steam maybe you need to look at the DIME method to create great online video that markets your business and uses the technology to its maximum impact.DIME stands for Dazzle, Inform, Market and Educate and these are the 4 pillars of virtue that effective online video should strive to achieve. If you’re not ticking at least 3 of those boxes when you are creating your videos you probably need a re-think.Dazzle!When I say “Dazzle” I mean make your video look and sound good. 

This is not at the expense of good content but it is to augment the content.Make it professional, with high resolution, good camera work, lighting, editing and script, and dub some music over it, maybe in the intro and outro, to make the audio more entertaining.Presentation is important because you are presenting your business via the video; in the same way you wouldn’t hand out a tatty brochure to an important client, don’t present lazy, poorly made video to your potential customers viewing on your web site. A professionally made and edited video helps add credibility to the face of your business much better than you sitting in front of a web-cam.Inform!Give valuable information to your viewers; don’t be too obsessed with getting what you think is important across – think about what your viewers want to know and include it and relate it to your products and services that way.

There is a reason that the visitor has come to your site. Maybe they have come via Google through searching one of your keywords. That means you have something to offer them. Make sure you don’t waste the opportunity to inform your customer and give them good, valuable, well thought-out content that helps them and makes your business seem like the fountain of knowledge and experience it surely is!Market!Blatant marketing can make many viewers click the “STOP” button and move on, but letting visitors know what products and services you offer is important. 

This can be in a separate section to the “Educational” videos but you need to include them somewhere.Also, don’t leave your viewers hanging at the end of the video. Include a Call to Action that tells them what they can do next, if they want to buy/know more/ take advantage of an offer etc. Spell it out for them!Educate!Educating your visitors with things like How-To videos and other informative content increases your sense of authority in your market segment and gains visitor trust that you can deliver what you promise.Also, educating visitors about how your products and services can specifically benefit them is an important link in with the “marketing” part of the video.Making videos is something of an art and striking a balance using the DIME method will help you perfect that art. If you need some professional video-making help then Michael at VideoLabs is standing by to help. Contact him on or by calling 0447 610 823.


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