Top 10 Reasons to Use Video on Your Web Site

Following are the Top 10 reasons to use video on your web site….

1. People Expect ItUnless there’s video on your site there’s a feeling nowadays that something’s “missing”. Depending on how you look at it, you can either blame or credit YouTube with that!

2. Cost-EffectiveCompared to traditional forms of media – TV, radio, billboards, newspaper, magazines and other print media – video is very cost effective.

 There may be an initial outlay to make the video if you need to buy equipment or outsource the job, but it’s free to upload to many of the video sites and all the social media sites.

3. Easy to Showcase Products and ServicesVideo makes it easy and effective to showcase your products and services in their best light. Being visual it is higher impact than either text or still images because it grabs and maintains people’s attention better – especially a slick, well-made video that looks professional; it is more compelling than the best brochure could ever be.

4. It Keeps Visitors Hanging AroundBecause video maintains attention it keeps visitors on your web site for longer, which means you have longer to show them that your products and services are just what they need! This means more chance of an eventual sale.

5. The Emotional BondVideo allows you to talk to and create a bond with your visitor that not even the best written text and most carefully chosen images can do. Because people buy from people this bond is an important factor in doing business.

6. It Shows the World You Are RealVideo shows all your visitors that you are a real person running a real business with real products and services. In the often “shadowy” world of the Internet, this is not to be under-estimated.

7. It Establishes Credibility, Trust and AuthorityConnected to the above reason is the sense that your visitor will get that you know what you’re talking about, are a go-to person on a particular subject and can be trusted.

8. It Keeps on GivingVideos don’t just work for the length of one marketing campaign – they keep on working through the months and years, helping send traffic to your site.

9. It Improves Search Engine Optimization Video is well-liked by search engines and therefore it helps your SEO efforts. Get your videos on all the hosting sites and your social media sites and you can start to dominate the first page of Google for your chosen keywords.

10. It’s Very VersatileThere are many types of video you can make for your web site – introductory videos, FAQ videos, How-to videos, to name a few. You can make DVDs of these videos and distribute them offline as well as all the places online you can use them.


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