So You Married An Entrepreneur

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So You Married An Entrepreneur

Why, yes you did.

You married an entrepreneur.

You married an unending source of ideas and passion…the eternal optimist.

You may not have known it at the time, but you agreed to travel down an ever-changing path of life.

In fact, you’re probably traveling down multiple paths at once.

You married a person who considers sleep as optional.

How about money? Oh yeah, that thing that entrepreneurs periodically think about.

Yes, there will be countless moments when your spouse appears unfocused, spread too thin, and/or distracted by impossible dreams. (In most cases, you’re probably right!)

You will try to reason with them, challenge them, and even periodically guilt them into taking a more stable route in life, but you know how that goes…

You will find yourself rolling your eyes from time to time at their next “new big opportunity” and their inevitable “I’m so close” mantra.

Gold Coast Video Prodution


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