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February 29, 2012

How To Use Online Video Production To Become The Top Dog

February 28, 2012
Brisbane Video Production

Every online business leader should be working towards becoming a market leader through a variety of means – and online video production is one of the sharpest tools you have in your kitbag, to make you the top dog!

The Credibility, Trust and Authority Factors

We have spoken before about the need for every web-based business to build credibility and trust with their customers and authority in their field, if they want to be taken seriously.

There are many ways to do this.

You can start mixing with other industry leaders and even interview them; getting their opinions on matters close to your business not only shows that you are getting the best advice but also connects you to the experts in the visitors’ minds.

You can tell your story – how you came to be where you are; the pitfalls and the breakthroughs along the journey; if you have done your homework and know your visitor profile well, then relating to them through similar experiences and problems helps to build a bond between you and the visitor; this improves trust.

Another good way to build authority is to give people relevant and valuable content on a regular basis. Show them how to tackle problems they will encounter in their business and answer common questions they have.

You can also gather testimonials from your customers, once you have delivered your services, which can serve as proof for your business.

It is easy to TELL someone how good you are – but it’s a hundred times more effective to SHOW them and let them work it out for themselves; this draws customers in to you as your reputation grows upwards and outwards.

What’s The Common Denominator in the Above?

The common theme in the above points is that it can ALL be achieved through an organized campaign of online video production.

If you want to become the top dog in your industry then video allows you to talk eye to eye with your visitor, relating your story; it allows you to record interviews with key people in your industry and post the finished video on your website; it allows you to shoot how-to videos and FAQ videos that demonstrate expertise and can provide good, informative content regularly.

That’s just the start – we haven’t even mentioned all the other benefits of video, such as improvement in rankings in search results and heightened social media presence.

Such is the powerful growth of web video we will soon be at the point that without using it in your business you won’t be able to consider your business to be on leading edge of your industry – it’s that necessary to start using it now.

If you are a Brisbane business looking for a professional Brisbane video production company that will manage the whole process for you, start the camera rolling now by contacting Michael Hanson on 07 5534 9523.

Brisbane Video Production

Article: Become A YouTube Expert: New YouTube Marketing Course With Greg Jarboe & Mark Robertson

February 25, 2012

Brisbane Video Production

Become A YouTube Expert: New YouTube Marketing Course With Greg Jarboe & Mark Robertson

ReelSEO » Video Industry Events » Become A YouTube Expert: New YouTube Marketing Course With Greg Jarboe & Mark Robertson

Become A YouTube Expert: New YouTube Marketing Course With Greg Jarboe & Mark Robertson

Jeremy Scott |Posted 1 day ago|


The odds are pretty good that if you’re reading an article on this website, you dabble from time to time in either the creation or marketing of online video. And while we have readers of all experience levels, from beginners to experts, all of us still have room for improvement–probably in several areas related to online video marketing. That’s why we’ve created a four-part,advanced YouTube marketing course to help you become a YouTube marketing expert!

YouTube Marketing Training Course Sessions & Details

The four training sessions are broken down into the following topics:

  • Programming & Producing -Strategies and best practices for programming and producing video for content for YouTube.
  • Publishing & Optimizing -Tips and tactics on how to publish and optimize YouTube videos and channels for better rankings, more exposure, views, etc….
  • Community & Social -How to build a community on YouTube and drive social media engagement.
  • Advertising & Conversion -How to choose the right YouTube advertising solutions to drive more conversion and awareness.

There are a couple of options to attend. If you’re schedule works, you can attend the live training sessions each Wednesday in April where participants will enjoy extra time to ask the instructors their most pressing questions. If you’re unable to make those dates or would rather attend the training on your own schedule, you can still sign up and have access to the full trainingcurriculum.

You are welcome to sign up for any given training session for only $197, or you can attend the complete course for $587 ($200 off). All registrants will have access to the archived video of the live sessions, presentation materials from the instructors, and worksheets.

Expert Instruction From ‘Reel’ YouTube Marketing Experts

Participants in the YouTube Training Course will be treated to training lead by two well-known experts on the subject -Greg Jarboeand Mark Robertson.

Greg Jarboe has chronicled YouTube’s phenomenal growth since 2006, researching video marketing trends and search patterns. In the 2nd edition of his book,“YouTube Video Marketing: An Hour a Day,”Greg covers the latest changes in YouTube’s platform. Greg is also a noted columnist at Search Engine Watch and here onReelSEO.

Mark Robertson–well, you probablyalreadyknow, but he’s the founder of this thingy. Mark consults with companies on best practices for video SEO and is a popular speaker on the subject of YouTube Marketing at conferences like Search Engine Strategies, SMX, Blogworld, etc…

Special Bonuses

As a bonus, we’re also giving all registrants a copy of Greg Jarboe’s book, YouTube Video Marketing: An Hour a Day(a $29.99 value) and a Google Adwords gift card worth $50–that’s a total bonus value of $79.99!

Sign Up Today!

For more details on each week’s live session and to sign up, head on over to the registration page for the YouTube Training Course from Greg Jarboe & ReelSEO’s Mark Robertson.

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About the Author – Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott is the Editor-in-Chief at He is also founder of The Viral Orchard (, an Internet marketing firm offering content writing and development services, viral marketing consulting, and SEO services. Jeremy writes constantly, loves online video, and enjoys helping small businesses succeed in any way he can. – View All Posts By

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Social Video & Real World Publicity Stunts Go Hand In Hand

February 25, 2012

Brisbane Video Production

Social Video & Real World Publicity Stunts Go Hand In Hand

Publicity stunts are as old as the notion of publicity itself. As soon as business owners realized good word of mouth and positive buzz and generate more interest and revenue, many of them started dreaming up publicity stunts. Even as viral video campaigns become the norm for businesses, publicity stunts still have their place, and in many cases actually help propel the video campaign’s success–or form the very foundation of the campaign itself.

The Walking Dead Publicity Stunt Video

Take The Walking Dead, for instance. After a several-week hiatus in the middle of the show’s second season, the zombie-based drama was looking for a few ways to help get the word out to fans that new episodes were starting up again.

Their idea? Take a page from the social experimentation of Improv Everywhere. And they got pretty elaborate with their publicity stunt, too. They created a fake movie trailer, and working with a local cinema they ran that fake trailer in front of a packed house of moviegoers. Of course, since it’s The Walking Dead we’re talking about, there was something more… scary… than just a fake trailer in store for the audience.

Check it out:

I’m not sure how they chose South Africa as the location for this prank–perhaps there’s a higher-than-normal concentration of Walking Dead fans in that country? But the actual theater in which they staged and filmed this stunt is irrelevant–the message, like the brand, is global.

Takeaways For Creators & Marketers?

You can do this kind of thing yourself, even if you’re a smaller business or individual video creator. Aside from the fake trailer, there’s very little cost involved in creating your own “social experiment” publicity stunt. Smaller brands certainly don’t need half a million views to call it the campaign a success.

As with more straightforward song-and-dance flash mobs, the secret to video campaigns like this is in the audience reaction. It’s the surprise, shock, and glee of the onlookers of a social experiment that make the video something people enjoy and want to talk about. This massive social video success from T-Mobile is built around the same concept:

If you can find a suitable location–probably get permission ahead of time–and a way to stage some kind of non-offensive event or stunt that will grab the attention of onlookers, you can easily recreate this kind of video marketing success on a local level.

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Article: Mobile Marketing With QR Codes and MS Tags. ( some thing we have been watching )

February 25, 2012

Gold Coast Video Production

Mobile Marketing With QR Codes and MS Tags

Mobile Marketing With QR Codes and MS Tags | by Jeff Korhan
Mobile Marketing With QR Codes and MS Tags

Consumer behaviors are changing, and mobile technologies are among the predominant influences affecting the shift.

More than 50% of all local web searches take place with mobile devices.

That spells opportunity for businesses that have a mobile marketing strategy.

Does your business have a mobile strategy?

Why QR codes/MS tags?

Success with mobile marketing starts with understanding your customers and then implementing an appropriate strategy. Although some marketers are known to embrace new technologies without first considering their full impact on the consumer.

This has proved to be true with QR codes. Notwithstanding the buzz surrounding QR codes’ ineffective applications have chilled some of the enthusiasm for their use as mobile marketing triggers. To help solve this problem, technology giant Microsoft, creators of the MS tag technology that competes with QR, has stepped forward.

Gold Coast Video Production

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A Turd On Video Is Still A Turd

February 25, 2012

Bisbane Video Production

A Turd On Video Is Still A Turd

A Turd On Video Is Still A Turd
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The online video evangelists are an amusing bunch.

In some ways, they’re ALMOST as entertaining to listen to as the social media kool-aid drinkers who still think combining the “law of attraction” with frequent FaceBook status updates will make them rich.

Look, here’s the reality.

And it goes for anything you sell:

What’s MOST important is your message to market match.

Not your cool “bouncing ball” powerpoint video.

Not your Barry White-like voice over.

And not even your video editing skillz.

Yes, those things can be useful (and add more coinage to ye olde bottom line profits when using video sales letters).

But in the end…

It’s ALL about the message to market match FIRST.

Without getting that right, you could have your pitch special delivered on a solid gold tablet, but if it’s the wrong offer to an unresponsive list, nobody is gonna buy.

Hey, it’s like my pal Doberman Dan says:

“Brilliant copy won’t sell a turd”

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Ingredients of a good online corporate video

February 19, 2012

Brisbane Video Production

Ingredients of a good online corporate video

The idea of a corporate video is not restricted to a graphical representation of your firm – it is about exhibiting the best features with a edge that beats the competition. A corporate video can enhance the brand value beyond the point of just reaching out to the masses – it creates a classy, sophisticated aura about the firm, which goes a long way to carve a niche of its own. From the viewer’s point of view, a corporate view is not just another medium of advertisement – it is an opportunity for him/her to get an insight to the firm – which ultimately contributes in the overall brand enhancement. The best thing about a corporate video is that it has the ability to transform a mediocre content into a high value proposition.

The whole idea behind creating interesting videos is to draw the attention of the viewer. So if you are not able to capture the imagination of the viewers you should consider yourself unsuccessful in reaching your target. A successful video spreads like a wild fire just as a hit music tops the chartbuster and remains at the helm for quite a good amount of time until a new one replaces their prior creation.

Brisbane Video Production

The brand creation is solely dependent upon the element that is presented in the form of the video. Main idea behind the video production is to have some idea being given a shape that surpasses the imagination of the public. When we say a video is popular it does not require a prelude or stint in the office before it goes into display. All that is required for the firm is to rely upon the production given the idea and content of the corporate video that you want to present in front of the mass. 

Brisbane Video Production

A video for instance of any popular commercial would be seen circulating automatically in the web. It does not require a supporting spunk to help it popularize. First and foremost thing that a good commercial video should possess is the essence of the organization that the company wants to uphold. You want to create a film that is circulated automatically after its release this reduces the amount of money and time spent by the firm behind popularizing the certain film online. This is initiated first on the social sites where it is easy to share something, and must be followed by all sorts of tools. Better make the whole film easily accessible as popularity does come at a price once it yields its true benefits.

Brisbane Video Production

Twitter Ads for Small Businesses: This Week in Social Media

February 19, 2012

Brisbane Video Production

Twitter Ads for Small Businesses: This Week in Social Media

Twitter Ads for Small Businesses: This Week in Social Media | by Cindy King
Twitter Ads for Small Businesses: This Week in Social Media

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.

What’s New This Week?

Twitter Ads for Small Businesses: Twitter ads used to only be for the exclusive large advertisers, but not for much longer. Twitter has “partnered with American Express to make it easy for small business owners to advertise on Twitter. American Express Cardmembers and merchants based in the U.S. will be invited to try this new advertising solution before anyone else, and American Express will give $100 in free advertising to the first 10,000 eligible businesses to sign up.”

This new Twitter advertising offer is first open to American Express Cardmembers and merchants.

Facebook to Release Timeline for Business Pages This Month: Social media marketers will want to keep their ears open for this news expected on February 29.

Facebook Launches Verified Accounts and Pseudonyms: Facebook, a service built on real names and real identities, starts “allowing prominent public figures to verify their accounts and display a preferred pseudonym instead of their birth name.”

“Those with verified accounts will gain more prominent placement in Facebook’s ‘People to Subscribe to’ suggestions.”

New Updates to YouTube for Google TV: This update improves your YouTube experience on Google TV, making it faster and easier to find great content, adding YouTube channel pages and giving you more control over your experience.

Browse YouTube channels by categories.

Google+ Circles Get a Cleaner Look and Feel:  You’ll notice that Circles are nicer to look at and much easier to use, including: a new left-hand navigation menu, quick access to your email address book(s) and Circles that shrink in size on smaller screens.

Notice the new left-hand navigation options.

Secure Twitter Browsing Is on by Default for All Users: “Now, HTTPS will be on by default for all users whenever you sign into If you prefer not use it, you can turn it off on your Account Settings page.”

Read more about how to keep your account secure here:

— Safety (@safety) October 18, 2011

HootSuite Push Notifications for iPhone and iPad in Beta Release: The first 10,000 users who download the latest version of the iOS app will be able to join and HootSuite will release it to everyone in the near future.

“Depending on which HootSuite plan you have, you will be able to receive alerts on your iOS device for multiple Twitter accounts, including mentions, direct messages and more.”

Here’s a social media tool worth noting:

JobsMiner: A tool for job search on social media.

Here are a few interesting social media infographics:

Are CMOs Ready for the Digital Marketing Era?

Insights from more than 1,700 chief marketing officers.

Social Commerce:

Digitas study finds security is key to social commerce growth.

The ROI of Social Media:

What social media news caught your interest this week? Please share your comments below.

About the Author, Cindy King

Cindy King is the Managing Editor of Social Media Examiner. She’s tuned into business development through social media and cross-cultural marketing. Connect with Cindy on Twitter: @CindyKing. Other posts by Cindy King »

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5 Ways For Brisbane Business Coaches To Use Online Video

February 14, 2012

5 Ways For Brisbane Business Coaches To Use Online Video

If you’re a business coach or mentor, based in Brisbane, online video production is one of the most powerful tools you have in your kitbag.

I don’t need to quote all the latest statistics about how web video is growing and about how more people are watching more hours; you probably already know that; what you want to know is how you can use it in YOUR business.

Business coaching and mentoring is competitive and so the following 5 ways will help you differentiate your business from others.

  1. Create Training and Coaching Materials to Sell

Online video can provide an additional revenue stream; all that business knowledge you have and share with your clients day in day out could be recorded, packaged and be working for you 24/7, even as you sleep!

Promoting DVDs and web video training series on your website is a great idea that gets you doing things once and being paid over and over again; it can also be high margin.

  1. Create Free Giveaways

If you run a membership site for your coaching and mentoring service, you can use video to create valuable information for your members; it’s best to provide members with information across a variety of media, as people absorb content in different ways. An online video or two about a “buzz” topic on people’s minds can be a great way to “wow” your members.

  1. Raise Your Authority

Why should business leaders choose you over another coach or mentor? How are you going to differentiate your business from others? One of the best ways to do that and to show you have the expertise and authority to help other businesses is to use video to show your own authority – that could be via a series of FAQ videos that answer your clients’ 10 or 20 most asked questions, for example.

  1. Demonstrate Your Credibility

Having others rave about the results you achieve will always count for so much more than you doing it yourself. So rather than using video to talk for a few minutes about how fabulous you are, why not get your best clients to do that for you? Most of them won’t mind a minute or two of their time to talk about your great service and results….and it’s far more convincing than text.

  1. Promote Your Business

If you have done your research and know your intended market, you can create a 2 to 3 minute promotional video that covers what it can take a few pages of text to show; you can also talk DIRECTLY to your audience, in the tone that you intend, with the message that you intend, all the while looking them in the eye. This creates a much bigger impact than text and images ever could – and it’s all in a format that people are comfortable with.

For high end Brisbane coaches and mentors, needing to offer great content to their clients and wanting to differentiate themselves from others in their field, online video production can be the shot in the arm you are looking for.

5 Web Video Marketing New Years Resolutions For 2012

February 14, 2012
5 Web Video Marketing New Years Resolutions For 2012

It’s that time of the year when we look back at what’s gone on in the last 12 months and look ahead to what we can expect. As a business considering using web video marketing, or that has just started doing so, how about making a few resolutions for the year ahead?

We’ve seen rapid growth this year – every month seems to bring about stats showing how more people are watching more video.

If your business has started making videos then that’s the first step that many still haven’t taken; you will need to concentrate on producing better videos that more effectively get your message across and that stand out from the crowd.

If you haven’t yet started, then that leads into the first resolution you’ll need to make:

1. Quit Fighting With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back!

If you’re not yet using video, it may be harming your business – because you are fighting with “one hand tied behind your back.” Trying to compete with the businesses in your field without video means you are only fighting with 50% capacity!

How about just getting started and making your mistakes now…stop making excuses! It doesn’t need to be perfect first time; everything can be improved, but the first step is to decide to start. Many businesses have not even done that yet.

2. Write The Wrongs!

Either improve your own scriptwriting abilities by going on a course or reading up about it…or hand the job to someone who can do it for you.

Video scriptwriting is something of an art – but it’s one that will be the key to successful videos that are focused on selling your business to your target market. The success of your campaigns will live or die by the power of your message; designing that message to have maximum impact will improve your videos no end.

3. Stand and Deliver!

Improve your videos by improving your delivery. Your own posture and presentation in your video speaks volumes and after making a few you should have more confidence.

Use bullet points to help but don’t read a script (it will sound unnatural), stand straight and in one place, don’t fidget or move your hands and look straight into the camera. Practice in front of the mirror and don’t try to be a movie star or comedian – just act naturally!

4. Dress Your Video Up!

If you run a “top end of town” business you want to make sure your videos reflect this and are “dressed” correctly.

It’s easier than it used to be to make quality video, but it will mean either:

  • A lot of practice and study on your part
  • Hiring someone in-house to do it for you, or
  • Outsourcing to a professional web video production company that can handle the whole process from planning your videos, through shooting and editing, to distribution.

5. Start with the End In Mind!

Like many things in business it’s best to start with end in mind. What do you want your videos to achieve?

That will govern the script, the general content of the message and the call to action that you include. No video is complete without that call to action, remember, even if it’s just to get then to visit your website URL.

Which of the above apply to you and your business? We’re sure that at least one of them must be able to help your approach in 2012.

All that remains to say is thanks so much for your support in 2011 and we look forward to passing on some more great video advice in the year ahead. Happy shooting!