Automotive Social Media Marketing Relies On Online Video

Brisbane Video Prodution

Automotive Social Media Marketing Relies On Online Video

It’s virtually impossible to be in the automotive space and not have to rely on online video for promotion. While Twitter and Facebook are important to the automotive industry to get the word out on new products, shows, trends and news, online video brings out the enthusiasts. The true enthusiasts – those who are so passionate they try and convert others to see their automotive views, rely on online video to prove their case and fuel their passion.

Twitter and Facebook are great. Don’t get me wrong. However, on Twitter you usually get people following you who are in your industry. They are following you because they want to keep up to date on your business and keep an edge on the competition. When you release a new product, service, or discuss a milestone, you’re mainly just informing your competition when you tweet about it.

Facebook is a different animal. There more customers and enthusiasts are actively engaged in your posts, and feel more connected with you. Your posts, pictures, and polls make the user feel more “in” with you, thus more likely to support your brand.

Brisna Web Video Prodution

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