Pro Gets Cool New Analytics On Video Views Through API

Brisbane Video Prodution Pro Gets Cool New Analytics On Video Views Through API

I like analytics, analytics are cool. If they were a hat they’d be a fez, because fezzes are cool. If they were a piece of neck wear, they’d be a bow tie, because bow ties are cool, or at least that’s what Doctor Who has to say about those clothing bits. What has all that got to do with what I’m writing about? Not much, I was just trying to stress how cool analytics are and more importantly how cool the new analytics are. and are about to drop the word on some new analytics features for Pro customers. How did I get in the know? Because I’m cool, like the fez and the bow tie.

Seriously now, the new stats can be broken down over a date range, by mobile device and browser all per URL (that’s the universal URL mind you). You can also group URLs into a report or get one for the whole account, as in, all of your videos.

“Video analytics has been the most highly-anticipated feature request since we launched Pro this past summer,” said Jeff Malkin, president at “The new analytics package gives our customers powerful information about the viewing of their videos, providing specific insight into their customer base, which helps them make better decisions on content development.”

Brisbane Video Prodution

(via Instapaper)


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