5 Ways For Brisbane Business Coaches To Use Online Video

5 Ways For Brisbane Business Coaches To Use Online Video

If you’re a business coach or mentor, based in Brisbane, online video production is one of the most powerful tools you have in your kitbag.

I don’t need to quote all the latest statistics about how web video is growing and about how more people are watching more hours; you probably already know that; what you want to know is how you can use it in YOUR business.

Business coaching and mentoring is competitive and so the following 5 ways will help you differentiate your business from others.

  1. Create Training and Coaching Materials to Sell

Online video can provide an additional revenue stream; all that business knowledge you have and share with your clients day in day out could be recorded, packaged and be working for you 24/7, even as you sleep!

Promoting DVDs and web video training series on your website is a great idea that gets you doing things once and being paid over and over again; it can also be high margin.

  1. Create Free Giveaways

If you run a membership site for your coaching and mentoring service, you can use video to create valuable information for your members; it’s best to provide members with information across a variety of media, as people absorb content in different ways. An online video or two about a “buzz” topic on people’s minds can be a great way to “wow” your members.

  1. Raise Your Authority

Why should business leaders choose you over another coach or mentor? How are you going to differentiate your business from others? One of the best ways to do that and to show you have the expertise and authority to help other businesses is to use video to show your own authority – that could be via a series of FAQ videos that answer your clients’ 10 or 20 most asked questions, for example.

  1. Demonstrate Your Credibility

Having others rave about the results you achieve will always count for so much more than you doing it yourself. So rather than using video to talk for a few minutes about how fabulous you are, why not get your best clients to do that for you? Most of them won’t mind a minute or two of their time to talk about your great service and results….and it’s far more convincing than text.

  1. Promote Your Business

If you have done your research and know your intended market, you can create a 2 to 3 minute promotional video that covers what it can take a few pages of text to show; you can also talk DIRECTLY to your audience, in the tone that you intend, with the message that you intend, all the while looking them in the eye. This creates a much bigger impact than text and images ever could – and it’s all in a format that people are comfortable with.

For high end Brisbane coaches and mentors, needing to offer great content to their clients and wanting to differentiate themselves from others in their field, online video production can be the shot in the arm you are looking for.


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