7 Questions To Ask An Online Video Production Company Before Hiring Them

Video Production Brisbane 

1. What’s your Core Business?

If they answer “weddings and bah mitzvahs” then you’re not speaking to the right people! Possibly that’s an extreme example, but we’re amazed how many companies entrust their video to a college graduate with no experience in making and marketing business video.

2. What Sales and Marketing Experience do you have?

It’s not just about shooting great videos; it needs to convert leads and sell your business, increasing profits. Otherwise video is just a “nice to have”. This means you should entrust it to a company that can present your business in a way that is going to get a good return in your investment.

3. Can You Write Scripts?

Their answer to the script-writing question will tell you a lot; if they can get good scripts written it means they will ask questions of your business and find out what are the unique factors to highlight to your target audience; many video production businesses shy away from this side of the art and only want to shoot the videos, but scriptwriting is key.

4. What Examples Can You Show Me?

When you ask this question don’t settle for examples of videos that look good; ask for examples of videos that have been successful in promoting a business. Maybe ask to see some testimonials (video testimonials!) of clients who have been happy with what their videos have achieved.

5. What Format Do I Get my Video in?

Make sure you get HD versions of your videos at the end of the process, which can be used in multiple places for multiple purposes; don’t accept just a DVD of your video as the end result.

6. Can You Distribute My Video?

Another step to the video marketing process is making sure your video is uploaded to all the places it should be in – not only on your website but on your YouTube channel, social media sites and other video hosting sites; it can work for you in many areas. Avoid any video production company that cannot help you with this area, unless you have in-house expertise.

7. What Video SEO can you Help with?

If their eyes glaze over when you mention “video SEO” then think again whether this is the company for you. Optimising both your video channels and your individual videos is not hard but you need to know what you’re doing. A good video company should be able to help with it.


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