The Beauty And The Beast Of Online Video Production!

Video Production Brisbane

Online video production is like most marketing tools in that it can be used for the good, the bad and the ugly.

Two well-known recent examples exposed how video can show the beauty or the beast of your business and demonstrates how important it is for you to be in control of how you portray your company image online.

That FedEx Video

If you haven’t seen the FedEx video that got 7 million views in a week it’s here.

It features a FedEx delivery guy captured on security camera delivering a computer monitor to a gated house in the USA. He doesn’t knock, ring a bell or try to contact the owner of the house at all; instead he launches the package over the fence and walks back to his van.

Of course the computer monitor didn’t survive that treatment and the owner checked the security camera footage and bingo! It was all caught there.

FedEx immediately came out in damage limitation mode and stated that this is not how they operate and that the employee in question was no longer delivering packages for them (presumably he’s not been moved into computer systems maintenance either…)

Fortunately for FedEx their main rival UPS had a video “leak” out a couple of days afterwards that showed one of their drivers mishandling a package in front of security cameras too. Probably party time over at FedEx when that was released!

The point is that you can see how easy it is to create a bad impression; you rarely hear about the countless safe delivery of packages, but one lousy employee caught on camera and an upload to YouTube later and a multi-national company can be brought to its knees begging for mercy! Every business is about half an hour away from a tattered reputation!

That’s the power of online video.

Here’s a more positive example.

The Delta Airlines Example

Do you remember a couple of years ago when United Airlines came in for a bit of viral hammering of their own with the “United Breaks Guitars” video? A disgruntled passenger wrote a song about how his guitar was damaged during a United Airlines flight and he received less than stellar customer service responses from the airline.

One of their competitors just really trumped them; Delta put together this video showing a behind the scenes look at checked baggage on their airline. Basically they put 6 cameras in a specially tailored suitcase and filmed the journey from when it’s checked in to when it arrived safely back in the customer’s hands.

This is superb use of online video production and marketing to allay one of their customers’ main fears during flights – losing or damaging their property. It gives us a glimpse of a world we don’t normally see, presents Delta as a caring and careful airline and handles one of our main objections to flying, so it works on many levels.

It’s easy to contrast this with the FedEx and UPS examples.

Now – how can you present your business in the light that you would like it to be presented in? If you need any help with that then an email to will help!


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