A Turd On Video Is Still A Turd

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A Turd On Video Is Still A Turd

A Turd On Video Is Still A Turd
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The online video evangelists are an amusing bunch.

In some ways, they’re ALMOST as entertaining to listen to as the social media kool-aid drinkers who still think combining the “law of attraction” with frequent FaceBook status updates will make them rich.

Look, here’s the reality.

And it goes for anything you sell:

What’s MOST important is your message to market match.

Not your cool “bouncing ball” powerpoint video.

Not your Barry White-like voice over.

And not even your video editing skillz.

Yes, those things can be useful (and add more coinage to ye olde bottom line profits when using video sales letters).

But in the end…

It’s ALL about the message to market match FIRST.

Without getting that right, you could have your pitch special delivered on a solid gold tablet, but if it’s the wrong offer to an unresponsive list, nobody is gonna buy.

Hey, it’s like my pal Doberman Dan says:

“Brilliant copy won’t sell a turd”

(via Instapaper)


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