How To Use Online Video Production To Become The Top Dog

Brisbane Video Production

Every online business leader should be working towards becoming a market leader through a variety of means – and online video production is one of the sharpest tools you have in your kitbag, to make you the top dog!

The Credibility, Trust and Authority Factors

We have spoken before about the need for every web-based business to build credibility and trust with their customers and authority in their field, if they want to be taken seriously.

There are many ways to do this.

You can start mixing with other industry leaders and even interview them; getting their opinions on matters close to your business not only shows that you are getting the best advice but also connects you to the experts in the visitors’ minds.

You can tell your story – how you came to be where you are; the pitfalls and the breakthroughs along the journey; if you have done your homework and know your visitor profile well, then relating to them through similar experiences and problems helps to build a bond between you and the visitor; this improves trust.

Another good way to build authority is to give people relevant and valuable content on a regular basis. Show them how to tackle problems they will encounter in their business and answer common questions they have.

You can also gather testimonials from your customers, once you have delivered your services, which can serve as proof for your business.

It is easy to TELL someone how good you are – but it’s a hundred times more effective to SHOW them and let them work it out for themselves; this draws customers in to you as your reputation grows upwards and outwards.

What’s The Common Denominator in the Above?

The common theme in the above points is that it can ALL be achieved through an organized campaign of online video production.

If you want to become the top dog in your industry then video allows you to talk eye to eye with your visitor, relating your story; it allows you to record interviews with key people in your industry and post the finished video on your website; it allows you to shoot how-to videos and FAQ videos that demonstrate expertise and can provide good, informative content regularly.

That’s just the start – we haven’t even mentioned all the other benefits of video, such as improvement in rankings in search results and heightened social media presence.

Such is the powerful growth of web video we will soon be at the point that without using it in your business you won’t be able to consider your business to be on leading edge of your industry – it’s that necessary to start using it now.

If you are a Brisbane business looking for a professional Brisbane video production company that will manage the whole process for you, start the camera rolling now by contacting Michael Hanson on 07 5534 9523.

Brisbane Video Production


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