Article: Pinterest: what do you really expect to see?

Gold Coast Video Production

: what do you really expect to see?

Being a film buff, I love me some images and everyone knows that.  I love that absolute slice of visual perfection you chance upon when snap a shot with a camera, or even record a video clip.

People often mistake taking good images and videos with the most expensive equipment on the market.  Guess what?  I have seen absolutely breathtaking images shot with a point-and-shoot cameras  that cost just a little over $50.  Heck, I’ve seen stunning videos with absolutely no special effects taken solely through a camera phone.

My point here is, it’s all in the eye.  That right angle, that good lighting, that exact moment when the image or video was taken — that’s all you need.  Although you can hedge your bet with good equipment.

Even the best equipment, however, will not guarantee you that “eyecandy” that you may be looking for.

Don’t believe me?  Just check out all the social media sites, video and image sharing sites out there chock full of tasteless videos and pictures that must have been taken by someone blind (no offense to the visually challenged).

Apparently, someone had even stronger opinions about this.  Check out this post by Melissa Fach on why people should probably think twice before they post willy-nilly on Pinterest.  She says:

Gold Coast Video Production

(via Instapaper)


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