Article: Video Sales Letter: What is Sweet, What Sticks, and What Shares

Gold Coast Video Production

Video Sales Letter: What is Sweet, What Sticks, and What Shares

I’ve been coming across more and more “mockumentaries” on the Internet lately, and while some of are well-written and well-conceived, others are just plain bad and a waste of time.

What’s more is that I realized that many of them are intended to sell something, and while I appreciate the effort to put wit into something intended for marketing, I have a low tolerance for those which are just blatant copies and poor attempts at imitating others.

There are so many ways to present a video sales letter without having to resort to tacky, disingenuous, and sometimes downright inappropriate methods.

I’m talking about a couple of videos that emulate those hostage tapes largely seen in the news.  There are some people who think it’s funny and worth making fun off, but it’s really not.

I must say I do understand why they made such videos.  The hostage videos shown on the news where people make demands for ransom to release someone taken is actually a crude and misguided form of video sales letter, since it is intended to be watched and influence the views of certain people towards an idea.

I am in NO WAY saying that holding someone hostage for ransom is correct, but these people do know that a video will be far more convincing than just a plain demand letter.

Gold Coast Video Production

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