Corporate Videos: The New Act of Storytelling?

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Corporate Videos: The New Act of Storytelling?

Corporate Videos: The New Act of Storytelling?
Video Marketing has turned out to be an absolute rage over the last few years. More and more brands are therefore spending millions of dollars to find the right video which can springboard their new product into the masses. But why is video marketing so popular? What makes it better than any of the other popular marketing schemes that are present in the market? The fact is that written articles for popularizing a product is good, moving images are even better, people praising your product at the top of their voice in the radio can do its thing as well but can any of them match up to a video describing your thing? The human mind paints pictures and stores information much more profoundly when it gets video signals from a source and that’s precisely why video marketing is big today, it paints a picture in your head and most importantly it tells your own story to the audience.

The act of storytelling is an art that has fascinated people over the ages. With bedtime stories to Oscar winning films all have enamored us throughout our life. So when you are describing your product or explaining your organisation to others it is obvious that it would work better if you tell it like a story. Now this act of storytelling is quite tricky and can be fundamentally difficult for others while elementally easy for some of the rest. Sometime corporations pay millions to guarantee such a thing and fail miserably while some small company might nail it with their home video. It is indeed all about connecting to the masses. So there must be some catch to making the perfect video that tells your story and here we have listed some of the tips for doing so:-
If you have the money always pay a well known advertising organisation and let them make your video. They have years of experience of making quality stuff and therefore even if it takes some extra bucks don’t compromise, pay it now or you may regret later.

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Be involved!
Don’t just pay up and forget the whole thing. Be specific with the advertising agencies about your wants and how you would like the story to unfold. Make them understand your thought process and do watch it after it is finished. Many a times, multimillion dollar videos have failed just because nobody was sure of the concept behind it.

Always make your video scripted.
No matter if you are shooting it in your garage always prepare a script beforehand to set the direction that your video is heading towards. On the stage impromptu are great and can lead to masterpieces sometimes but the risk of going horribly wrong is tremendous as well. So hire an established script writer or prepare a good one yourself for the video.

Make the video short and concise.
You don’t want the audience to get bored and lose interest, so cut the thing short and tell the story in bits and pieces with relating videos running in the background.

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It’s always better to include short interviews with people that are instrumental in the project, from the owner to the employees of the organisation; all can share a word or two with the audience. Lastly, one or two shots of some satisfied customers is a decent way of ending the video as the audience can easily identify themselves with them.

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