Article: The Copyblogger “Secret” to Creating Better Content

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The Copyblogger “Secret” to Creating Better Content

But when you publish content, you want someone to do something.

When you’re doing it right, the work you put into your content gets your audience to take a specific action.

And there’s a “secret” to making this kind of advertising work better … a secret that the very best and brightest traditional advertisers have been using for more than a century.

Most advertising ignores this entirely — which is why most advertising doesn’t work very well.

The “secret” might seem like common sense, but your fellow content marketers aren’t getting it right … which is a great opportunity for you.

The secret of great advertising is keep it from looking like advertising

The reason content marketing is so powerful in the first place is that it doesn’t tend to look like an ad — it’s useful information, presented in an accessible, interesting way.

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