10 Ways To Employ Online Video Production In Your Brisbane Business

Online video production can improve your business in multiple ways and that’s part of the beauty of it; it’s a broad ranging solution that can have you firing on fronts that you only dreamed of before.

Below are 10 of the best ways your Brisbane business – whatever it is – can be utilising video:

1.     Answer Questions Efficiently

FAQ pages are all well and good but they can be long-winded and who really reads them? FAQ videos, indexed well, help your web visitors find answers to their burning questions, not just by telling – but by showing.

2.     Position yourself as the Expert

Web video allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your business area. How-to videos are great for this. Decide on the top 10 things your customers want to know how to do and then create a series of videos showing them. How good does that make you look? How many of your competitors are doing that?

3.     Prove that your Product or Service Works

Get your best customers to vouch for how good your product or service is; the word of a few others creates more proof and impact than your words could ever do, so start using this great resource – a great video is just a question away!

4.     Tell your Story to your Audience

Your story is how you connect – everyone has some interesting and engaging story about how they got where they are today. Making this resonate with your target audience will be the key to your video “working”. Find your story, script it well and deliver it to the camera by talking to your audience.

5.     Engage and Entertain

10 Ways To Employ Online Video Production In Your Brisbane Business

People love to be entertained; if you have some good ideas for making people laugh, for example, then why not put them out there? It worked well for the likes of Old Spice Man didn’t it? If you’re no comedian, don’t worry – focus on engaging your audience with content that will interest and inform them.

6.     Reduce Travel Costs

Online video conferencing is a great way to be able to talk to other branches of your business or to meet customers or suppliers without travelling to the other side of the country. A lot of business is done over Skype these days – and that can cost nothing at all!

7.     Say More In Less Words

You can also record web video to send messages to customers or suppliers rather than sending emails. With video you can say more in less words – some people just communicate better via video message and don’t like writing long-winded and complicated emails. Video message programs like “Jing” make it easy and save time too.

8.     Brand Your Product

Online video can be a great way to build your brand, with a YouTube channel and social media pages supplementing your website; video can be embedded into blog posts and you can really get your message out there across many platforms, working for you.

9.     Advertise

Of course, online video advertising is becoming huge too; this can be very cost-effective compared to advertising on traditional media and is an area that will see a lot of growth this year, according to most industry experts.

10.   SEO

Last but not least, video can help you dominate search engine listings; it is increasingly featuring in search engine results which is not surprising, since Google and YouTube are one and the same! Your business should be taking advantage of the SEO aspects of video to boost your rankings.

If you are a Brisbane business with video production questions, contact Michael Hanson:michael@videolabs.com.au.


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