Brisbane Video Production

OK, you’re a Brisbane business owner and everyone’s been telling you that you must get online video; everyone from clients through to your 7-year old daughter has been asking you why there’s no video on your website and why you don’t have a YouTube channel.

Below we lay out the plan for successfully taking the plunge into the world of Brisbane video production.

  1. Know Your Audience

The first step has nothing to do with video, but everything to do with knowing your market. As with all successful marketing strategies, you need to have a clear idea of who you’re talking to before you embark on making videos.

This will ensure your videos are targeted, resonate with the people that are watching and get your message across to the right people. Don’t miss this critical first step.

  1. Know Your Story

All business owners have a story that is of interest to your audience; how do you structure and present that story in a way that will get your audience nodding in agreement or smiling in recognition at what you’re saying. That’s the aim of your video, because then you are connecting with your viewers – and once you connect with them, they will start to see you as a trusted authority that can help them with their problems.

  1. Find the Right Video Production Company

Once you have considered the first two steps then it’s actually time to start planning, shooting and producing your videos.

The problem with some Brisbane businesses is that they have jumped straight into making videos through a friend of a friend and have not put enough time into getting a professional job done. There is a difference between what you get from a video or photography course graduate and what a professional video production company provides.

Video that sells your business is not just about shooting great-looking footage; it’s about planning your message, capturing that message in the best light and getting it out there to all the right places. That means pre-production and planning, scripting, filming, post-production and distribution.

  1. Variation

Don’t limit yourself with your videos. Once they are made, make sure your production company provides them in formats that can be used in multiple places – uploaded to YouTube, Viddler and Vimeo as well as embedded on your website/blog and shared amongst social media sites. A variety of content appearing in a variety of places is a good rule of thumb and can help drive traffic to your site.

  1. Conversion

Online video is a great tool to get people in buying mood and sent to somewhere where they can actually purchase your product or service or sign up for your offer. Make sure that when they visit your URL that you keep them interested. If your video has asked them to go to a URL and they have done so, then they are already interested in buying or signing up; assume that they want to be told how to do that when they arrive on the landing page. Make sure your landing pages have clear calls to action, no clutter and no time wasting.

You will note that three of the steps don’t actually involve any video expertise whatsoever; that’s because your video marketing strategy needs to be just that – a strategy, not a case of just churning out videos.

Take a little time to find the right Brisbane video production company and much of the rest will fall into place, as they will guide your hand and advise you through the whole process. Michael Hanson at Video Labs can get you on the right road from the beginning: email him


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