How Brisbane Businesses Can Build Their Audience Through Video Production

How Brisbane Businesses Can Build Their Audience Through video production

Brisbane businesses using video production in their marketing strategy are successfully building their audiences; this is because online video is maturing and visitors to websites are expecting to see it – from a “nice to have” it’s becoming a “must have”.

You can increase the “buzz” around your own small business through a variety of ways from getting the cameras rolling yourself to outsourcing the whole job to a professional Brisbane video production company.

Either way, here are a few tips to help you increase your number of viewers and get them coming back to you again and again.

Less is More

In terms of the length of your videos, think short; 2 to 3 minutes is normally adequate or you will send your viewers either to sleep or elsewhere! Keeping it short and punchy is the golden rule.

Make Them Stand On their Own Two Feet

Make each of your videos a separate entity that needs no prior or post-video viewing to understand it. Include all contact details and calls to action in each video so nobody needs to click elsewhere to find you.

It’s about Education and Information

Know what your audience wants to talk about, then have the conversation; inform and educate your viewers and that way you will build your reputation as a source of knowledge in the subject; this will have people recommending you, passing your details on to others and coming back for more.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Sound

It’s video – not a podcast – but don’t underestimate the importance of sound to the overall video; that means getting a good microphone that allows your words ( and your message) to come across clearly, as well as adding any incidental music to the edit, post-shoot.

Light the Way

Don’t skimp on lighting as it will back-fire; until you see badly made video you don’t realise how important lighting is and it really can ruin the effect you are trying to achieve; you don’t need to be an international film director but you do need people to be concentrating on what you’re saying rather than the shadows under your eyes! Use a 3-point lighting set up for best results.

If you’re making your own videos then just these few tips will have you on the right path; many Brisbane video production companies will know all the above – but the best ones will be able to help not only in making the videos but with selling your business through them too; that means scriptwriting, marketing and distribution.


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