Online Video Production & Social Media – A Match Made In Heaven?

As your business starts to create a more mature social media marketing campaign, online video production will probably need to be at the forefront of your plans.

The match between video and social media seems to be made in heaven – video that entertains, informs and educates is prime material for sharing and there is no better vehicle for sharing than sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like.

Educate, Inform, Entertain

The nature of online sales is changing due to video and social media; the best businesses around create buyers and a willing buying environment rather than blatantly selling.
One of the ways to do this is to educate your audience; know what they want to know and then create videos answering their questions or showing them how to do something….or making

Sharing Videos

The real beauty of video is when you combine it with social media, it becomes so easy for your video to show up in multiple places around the Internet.
You can focus on creating content that will be seen on your website, your blog, all your social media sites and links can be tweeted out; all this can be achieved from the same recording, in the same format and with a few clicks.

Synergy At Work

The great synergy at work between online video and social media can be seen in the Old Spice commercials that went viral and got viewed and shared countless times, rejuvenating a fading brand.
The big players in the auto industry like Volkswagen and Ferrari also use the marriage well, demonstrating the high performance of their vehicles through video and then getting the word out via social media.
More and more businesses are waking up to what video can do for them.

Social Proof

Social proof is becoming one of the greatest endorsements you can get; if hundreds and thousands in the online community say your product or service is great, then it must be great!
Again, the key to social proof is giving people a reason to get to know and like your business. Create content that educates, informs, delights or just raises a smile – these are reasons to recommend you and your business; merely bombarding them with promotions is not a reason and can work in the opposite way.
If people recommend your videos because they offer something more than the standard sales message then you can create a lot of interest in your business.

Ongoing Strategy

Take time to develop a social media and online video marketing strategy – it won’t happen overnight and there is no “magic pill”; focus on providing quality, regular, engaging, optimised video content and getting it out to all the right places and this will help you to start picking up “wins” in your business.
If you have any queries about how to go about your video strategy contact Michael Hanson at


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