Brisbane Video Production – Behind The Scenes Peek 1: Enviroblast

Over the coming months we will be featuring behind the scenes peeks at our Brisbane video production shoots and showing how some of our clients’ online videos were put together and the effects they’ve had on the business. Today we start with Enviroblast.

The Enviroblast Video

The video you see above was made for Enviroblast in 2011. You may have seen their trucks around Brisbane or the Gold Coast; they are hard surface cleaners of residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Their challenge was to create something that engaged the viewer, showcased what their company was all about and essentially convinced potential customers to pick up the phone and book their service.

The video was to be uploaded to their YouTube channel and included with client quotes, so it was going to play an active role in promoting the company.

This was important because it was not merely going to sit on a website passively. It was going to be sent out with every emailed quote to showcase the company and convert inquiries into solid bookings; it had to be top notch and really hit the spot.

That’s why we spent such a long time planning the video.

Client Match Up

We always like to work with people whose beliefs and business principles we share. Part of what we loved about the guys at Enviroblast was their ethics with regards to the environment – they recycle their water, so that it doesn’t go back into the waterways and use safe cleaning processes that won’t damage the local ecosystem. They stand for something.

We also felt that the Enviroblast guys were switched on and were quick to see the potential benefits of video for their business. They had a great brand, were good marketers and had a brilliant overall cleaning product that could use video to help it stand out from the rest.

We could also see when we first met them that the video shoot would be fun – and so it turned out. You should be able to see that energy throughout the video.

Video Planning

Enviroblast wanted an upbeat and “cool” feel to their video, based on the profile of their target market, but it also had to showcase their products and services very professionally.

It took lots of planning to work out how to get this feel and we spent a couple of days with them before any shooting was done.

We used a questionnaire to get the basic information we needed – such as company background and aim of the video, as well as other key input. It’s important for the producer to know what the client wants – this point is often missed by video production companies that assume they know what the client wants without even asking! Big mistake!

The best videos generally have a natural flow and energy about them, but there’s a lot of time and effort, not to mention skill, that goes into getting a “natural feel”. It’s something of a paradox!

The Shoot

We filmed the video over a day in three different locations, including their business premises.

We used the following equipment:

  • 5d mark ii Camera
  • Prime lenses
  • Miller tripod
  • Z finder


You can judge the results for yourself, but Brett and Steve were extremely happy with the end video; and so, it seems, are their clients.

Almost a year after that video was made, close rates have reportedly gone through the roof at Enviroblast and sending the video with every emailed quote has worked wonders.

This is what we strive for at the Labs. We take video seriously but love to work with clients that are fun, have a great outlook and are clear about what they need to happen with their videos.

We hope that oozes through in our videos because we love helping our clients achieve their end goals.

For all your Gold Coast and Brisbane video requirements contact Michael on 0447 610 823.


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