Take Your Brisbane Video Production To The Next Level With Interviews

You may know all the benefits of using FAQ and testimonial videos in your video production strategy, but one great technique that many Brisbane business owners neglect is interviewing.

An important part of any strategy is knowing where to go once you have covered the basics.

Taking it to the Next level

With video, some of the basics are those we have mentioned above – plus maybe a promotional video about your business.

Many are not still getting that part right or using it to its full potential, but for those businesses that have got a head start on the rest…

…How do you reach the next level?

…How do you start to position our business so that you stand out from the crowd?

Luckily that’s not too difficult right now, because few Brisbane businesses are currently getting it completely right with their video production and marketing strategy; but further down the line, when it becomes totally “mainstream”, you will have to be a little special to stand out.

So you might as well get started now.

No Business is an Island!

Our businesses are not self-contained. They are all part of a wider community connected to the local people, the surrounding area, our industry or market sector and the business community as a whole (other small and medium business owners etc.)

We run a video production business, for example. We know many other video producers, internet marketers, business coaches and local business owners in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and others in the same sector around Australia.

Who do you know?

Choosing Your Interview Target!

Are their leading lights in your field? People respected and–in-the-know or with influence? People with interesting or left-field opinions? Local celebrities interested in what you do? Small business owners in a similar position to many of your customers?

Interviewing them and getting their “take” on subjects that your customers are interested in is sound strategy. Why? Because it helps position your business as playing with the big boys, at the top end of town – and whatever other cliché you wish to use.

Just by association you raise your level of esteem amongst your customers – and we all know how important our reputation and credibility is, in business.

If you approach people that you don’t already know you get the added bonus of expanding your network – making connections with people that may last and open doors in the future.

Approaching Your Target!

Let’s face it – they can only say “no”. There’s no harm done!

Most likely they’ll be flattered that you want to talk to them on camera and will agree, if you can find a suitable time. Make it easy for them to say “yes” by being flexible with time and location, stressing that you will keep it short ( 10 or 15 minutes?) and respecting their schedule.

Online interviews are a great alternative to face-to-face interviews; the visual quality doesn’t really matter as long as the sound is clear – if you have chosen the right person, people are mainly interested in what your subject is saying.

Informing, Educating and Entertaining!

Smart video marketing strategies these days are based around educating, informing and entertaining your viewers.

There’s so much video out there that you need to give your viewers what they’re after, or they’ll click away within 10 seconds.

Interviews with the right people in your field can help grab and maintain attention, and provide the type of content that gets visitors coming back for more.


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