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Corporate Video Production Brisbane

May 29, 2012

Corporate video production Brisbane

Corporate video production needn’t be confined to all-out marketing videos.

There are other valuable ways that your videos can keep adding value to your organisation and we look at a couple of case studies below that may spark a few ideas for your own business.


Raising Employee Motivation

One recurrent problem for many large companies is that the larger they become the less “connected” their team members feel with the core of the organisation; this is particularly true of organisations with many sites around the country.

Harnessing the communication power of video internally within your organisation is a cost-efficient and very effective way to reach staff members who otherwise have very little contact with head office.

General Motors recently announced that they were doing just this – using video to keep employees informed, engaged and motivated.

They provided 31 employees out in the field with Flip video cameras and asked them to film and send back the footage from their day. They also ran a contest for employees with prizes for the best video and distributed them on the GM Intranet.

Leading lights in the company were also interviewed and these short videos were made available to staff.

Generally all videos were kept below 5 minutes – short, sharp bursts proved more popular than anything longer – just like we have been saying for your other corporate videos.

The GM approach was very popular and entertaining and proved a great way to keep employees informed about the day-to-day runnings of the company; this, in itself, increased the sense of belonging to the organisation and raised motivation levels.

Improving Customer Service

In the UK, British Gas announced recently that they were piloting an online video customer service system.

From their call center in Leeds, a trial system has been set up whereby British Gas customers can talk to a customer service advisor through streaming video.

This is in response to a survey that the company ran, where two-thirds of their customers said they believed their query would be handled more satisfactorily if they could see the customer service advisor.

British Gas has therefore seen the value of putting a face to a problem for creating a solution.

While your business may not need live streaming customer service, it does need a human face; most of your customers prefer to deal with a “human” organisation and there is growing frustration with businesses that have lost their human face….especially online. Video is a low-cost, effective way to get that back.

Corporate video production is rapidly expanding its horizons. It’s no longer just a sales pitch, though that’s important too; nowadays think laterally about how it can add value to your business in other areas.

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