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Our posts normally focus on video as a great marketing technology – which it is – but we shouldn’t neglect corporate video production as an excellent way of adding value to both staff and customers, as a support technology.

A previous post mentioned online training videos as a very effective way of communicating company messages and teaching new skills. Now we look at customer support and product support videos.

Customer Support Videos

Responding to customer service inquiries with live or recorded video rather than emails or letters adds an important personal touch that customers appreciate. This can improve brand loyalty and it can also help to reduce costs.

Product Training Video

How-to videos that show customers how to use a product are very effective in pre and post-sales situations. This is especially useful in a business that deals with technical products that require some in-depth know-how to operate them.

Often a big, cumbersome manual the size of Yellow Pages is needed to illustrate how something works; with video it becomes a much shorter and effective process that your customers will love.

Video training for products will help reduce the number of returns and increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Product Support Video

Similarly, many products and services require clarification for customers before they will purchase, so including a video for 5 or 10 of the most frequently asked questions they have can be an effective strategy in persuading them to buy.

The very fact that you answer their questions without them having to ask will show that you are a trusted source that knows its customers; if you address concerns and fears upfront people are far more likely to buy from you.

Perhaps you already have a call centre that takes calls from customers – you can do a survey of staff to find out what questions come up most often and then create a video series that covers the main ones.

Imagine how much more professional it is to send a YouTube link which answers a customer query rather than having to talk them through the process over the phone, after they have been on hold for several minutes.

The advantages are clear for a corporate video production strategy that uses support videos intelligently. If you are struggling for ideas yourself speak to Michael Hanson at Video Labs for all your video needs


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