Corporate Training Video – Without John Cleese!

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Marketing videos are becoming the linchpin of most businesses’ video production strategy but increasingly training video is also becoming important.

Well-made training videos can save costs and disseminate information better to team members around the country.

Training Videos are Not a New Thing

Corporate training video is far from a new thing. In fact videos were used for training purposes well before the advent of online video production opened up so many doors for the business world to be communicating better with their audience.

Remember the old “Video Arts” training videos by John Cleese? They came onto the scene around 40 years ago and have sold millions of copies. There is a series of about 40 videos including Behavioral interviewingAssert yourself, and the all-time best-sellerMeetings, Bloody Meetings.

Modern Advances

The costs of producing video have come down in the past 10 years because it has become so commonplace and many more companies are able to supply it; this has made it much easier for businesses to make their own videos; simultaneously the acceptance of learning through video is much higher, as people are exposed to video all the time. Visitorsexpect to see video when they go to a site these days, so the demand is far higher.

This means that there are many different uses that video can be put to for any business – and training is one of these areas.

Why is Video Effective?

People remember about 10% of what they read, 30% of what they hear and 40% of what they see; when you combine these three it goes up to 50 to 60%.

That’s what video does….which means it’s ideally suited to being a learning medium. Video makes an impact whether it’s delivering a marketing message, demonstrating how to use a product or teaching someone a skill.

Video can also be entertaining – as John Cleese has amply demonstrated in the past; when you entertain people they are more likely to pay attention to you – again helping with delivering a message.

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Possible Uses

If you are a business looking to communicate better with a workforce that is spread around the country, you can use a series of videos posted on your intranet to communicate senior management messages; you can communicate about company vision, news updates or success stories; this brings remote staff closer to the heart of the organisation, helping with motivation levels and promoting a culture of company unity.

There will be specific groups who require training in certain skills or aptitudes; these can be done without having to hire John Cleese! Just get someone who is comfortable in front of the camera, a good scriptwriter and a video production company that can deliver what they promise.

You could also use training videos with actual footage from meetings – for example to demonstrate sales or customer service techniques.

Used in conjunction with some form of face-to-face training sessions, video can be a very effective teaching tool. The real beauty of this is that you can record it once, then use it multiple times – saving the need for a training manager to constantly travel around the country delivering sessions.

However you decide to use training videos, they will help increase the impact of your message and reduce travel costs for getting staff up to speed


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