Corporate Video Production – Why How-To?

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In a marketing world where “engaging the customer” has become the number one priority, there are some corporate video production strategies that hit the spot more than others.

One of those is making how-to and product demo videos; these are usually short videos, no longer than a couple of minutes, which show people how to perform a particular task or function or how to operate a particular device, in an easy-to-follow manner.

Why How-To Videos?

Perhaps we’ll start with a quote form the New York Times

Short of getting a customer in the door or sending a salesperson on the road, online video may be the best way to demonstrate a product.

New York Times, March, 2011

The world has become smaller and business is conducted more remotely. That means we need to speak virtually to our customers, without necessarily meeting face to face.

Online video has allowed us to do that effectively and how-to videos really allow us to demonstrate products and services that previously needed a showroom or shop space to do so.

We can also “engage” the customer (there’s that word again!) by answering the questions that are going through their minds.

Brisbane Corporate Video Production – Why How-To?

If you have done your research about your target audience you will already know what they are searching for on Google and what your prospects are looking for when they hit your website. So you know, more or less, what their queries are and what questions need to be answered. This prepares us for the next step….

Making How-To and Product Demo Videos

The key is to make how-to and product demo videos that answer your prospect’s most pressing questions and concerns.

Let’s say I am choosing between three vacuum cleaners.

I go to one website where there is a video demonstration of the model I like; it shows how to use it, the effectiveness of its cleaning and how to maintain the cleaner over time.

The second website has images of the same vacuum cleaner and some text descriptions of all the functions, performance and maintenance specs. It has before and after shots of the cleaning.

The third site just has a text description.

Say that the prices are basically the same on each site. Now – which site is compelling me to buy?

The fact is that most people will choose the first site, because video demonstration of a product sells it most effectively.

Other How-To Uses

You might also use how-to videos to inform customers how to perform a task,  thereby demonstrating your expertise in your field; virtually every worthwhile business specialises in something that their customers are interested in knowing more about and video is the best medium to communicate that through.

A rounded corporate video production strategy comes with many other benefits, which position your organisation as a leader; how-tos and product demos are an important part of that strategy, strengthening your brand, making your website more attractive and interesting, improving your search engine rankings and, ultimately, expanding your base of prospects.

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