Mobile Video Production – Are You Ready To Jump On Board?

Video Production Brisbane 

Do you watch mobile video on your smartphone or tablet almost every day?

If so you’re not alone…and that’s why any corporate video production strategy needs to bear in mind the modern, mobile element to video.

Video Matters – Cisco Says So!

Cisco is one of the key companies that powers the Internet via their networking hardware. Recent figures showed that online video accounted for 52% of all mobile traffic; what’s more it’s growing and they predict that, by 2016, video will account for 71% of all mobile data traffic.

Bandwidth for mobile devices is also growing so we have just seen the start of this clear trend.

What does all this Mean?

As bandwidth increases the opportunities for business to produce higher and higher quality video will also increase; if you are not restricted by bandwidth issues, then you no longer have to deal with problems of video on phones or tablets being slow to load and “jerky” when played – bit rates for videos are far higher than for other mobile content.

By 2016, tablet traffic alone is predicted to be as much as all wireless traffic this year, representing a huge increase.

How else does this affect your Video?

Your business needs to start thinking about how your video production look and sound on mobile devices, because it is very likely your video will no longer be watched mainly from a PC. Most importantly – do they actually play on mobile devices?

Most mobile phone these days are capable of playing video. The problem is that there are different formats and resolutions, so it is important to create versions of your videos that can play across multiple platforms – iOs and Android being the obvious frontrunners that need to be catered for.

You should test your website and online videos out on different mobile devices and look for any potential problems users may have. If you have problems then others will experience the same.

Mobile websites must address usability and incorporate functions that allow users on-the-go to access the information they need easily and without typing too much information in; they need to be made for the “touchscreen” generation.

Videos need to be clear, have good audio and text annotations that are large enough to be read on the smaller screens of phones and tablets. The call to action may even need to change for mobile videos because the person you are talking to is not sitting in front of the PC. All these factors demand a different approach to before.

Having tested your videos on mobile devices and not liked what you’ve seen, you will probably have some questions. Your corporate video production company should be able to answer these and recommend fixes


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