Video Production Ideas for Brisbane Business – TV in the Pocket!

The type of businesses we deal with in and around the Brisbane area often ask about new video production ideas. They want to use video actively but don’t just want to churn out the standard marketing video that is starting to flood the market; in short they want to differentiate their business from the rest.

Creative planning and scripting and quality video production equipment, together with some video making know-how goes a long way, but every now and again a breakthrough comes along and demands attention.

TV in the Pocket

A while back we mentioned how Ikea had produced multiple seasons of its own web series, which was proving extremely popular.

Now TV recently announced that their web streaming movie service is now available on iPad and iPhone, as well as on some Android devices, on PCs and Macs.

With this and other services becoming available, we are increasingly seeing that people are essentially carrying around TVs in their pocket  – and this is something that should not be missed if you want to create an impact.

Mobile Video – The Level Playing Field

It’s not so long ago that to be seen by a large TV-watching audience would have cost the earth – putting TV advertising beyond the reach of all but the biggest corporations who could afford the 15 seconds of air time during the Superbowl Final!

Nowadays a small Brisbane business hooked up with the right video production company can produce videos that potentially the world can watch…on a device they carry around in their pocket.

Think about that – pretty amazing, huh?

So how can your business use this? You might not be ready to produce a whole web series (though that’s an option) but thinking along the creative lines of TV shows is a good start – because they entertain people. Entertainment is a great way to make your videos less marketing-oriented and to grab attention.

You should certainly also be making your website and videos viewable on the main mobile platforms like iPhone and Android. If you miss out on this, you are missing out on the growing mobile community – just take a look around on the bus, train or in the next café you are sitting in and see how many people are using tablets and smartphones; they could be watching your video!

Whether you are a small Brisbane business or a multinational bank, video production for mobile devices levels the playing field!


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