Video Production in Brisbane: Follow the Speed

Video Production in Brisbane

Web content has always been governed by the outer limits of its technological capabilities and with video production it is no different.

The “outer limits” are being pushed back at a quicker rate than ever before with the announcement by Telstra earlier in the year that they were rolling out their new 4G network.

What exactly does this mean for video production for Brisbane businesses?

4G – What is it?

4G is Telstra’s new mobile broadband network and is called ‘long-term evolution technology’ or LTE.

The modems are dongles (as per the above picture), and they work at new faster speeds inside the 4G network, while reverting to the 3G network in other areas. In Brisbane it cuts out beyond Enoggera and The Gap in the west, and after Camp Hill and Lytton in the east.

The Telstra network is likely to be expanded beyond the present limits in the future. Meanwhile Optus and Vodafone Hutchison Australia are looking to launch their networks next year.

The huge benefit is – you guessed it: SPEED. Download speeds range from 2 Mbps – 40 Mbps, which is 25 times faster than the original speeds on 3G.

How can your Brisbane business take advantage of the changes that this means?

4G – How does it Change the Video Production World?

If you think back 5 years, when you started watching YouTube, how much has the quality improved since then; the grainy, washed out videos with poor sound may still be there in some places, but does anybody really watch them?

It’s far more common now to see well thought out, sharp, high definition, well-edited videos. Why is this?

Partly it’s because people are using better gear and they have become more skilled in using it. Technology has brought many short-cuts to the world of video making so that even mums and dads can turn their hands to it.

But it’s the increased bandwidth that has allowed this to happen. Bandwidth is the tarmac of the super-highway! Unless that’s available, it doesn’t matter how fast your car is – it will be a very bumpy ride!

Brisbane business owners need to be considering how they adjust their video production strategy for the 4G world we have entered.

Three points are key:

  • People are demanding better quality – higher definition and generally sharper videos
  • People are demanding it on their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets
  • People are demanding more content

So any Brisbane business serious about standing out from the rest needs to create regular, high quality, mobile-ready video content.

It’s no longer good enough to set and forget; shooting a video, leaving it there on your website for a year before updating it is not going to do much for you.

If you can get into the habit of creating videos monthly or at least four or five times per year, it sends the message out to your visitors and clients that you are still there, still thinking about them, still serving them, still innovating…whatever your key message might be.

For a video production strategy that can keep up with the speed of technology, contact Michael at Video Labs:


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