Why Video Production Makes You the Darling of Google

Online businesses are like thousands of suitors all going after the same bride. They will try all the tricks in the book to win its heart. But the bride tends to throw the flowers and the boxes of chocolate out of the window – what she is looking for is some cold, hard video production!

Who is the bride? Well, it’s Google of course. Online business owners have been wooing it for years in the hope of being number one in its eyes.

Much chased, wined, dined and serenaded over the years, just when it seems you’ve won her over, she goes and breaks your heart with an overnight change of heart – another Google update!

Video is the New SEO

Joking aside, since Google bought YouTube back in 2006, at a time when online video started to really become a mass medium, it has rapidly shot to the top of search results.

Yes, Google is pushing its own boat out by promoting video production, but it is also reflecting what people are demanding – which is why Google has dominated search over the years: it provides the most relevant results.

Everywhere you look – at work (when the boss isn’t watching), in lunch hours or coffee breaks on iPhones and SIII’s, on iPads and other mobile devices, on public transport, at bus stops – people are watching video.

So by including video high up on the page in search results, Google is essentially delivering what people are after.

Video production has therefore become a big part of the new SEO. If you’re not making videos regularly and getting them out there and seen, you are not optimising your online business.

Quality and Quantity

The good news is that video is no different to other content; you don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity – and, if you do, Google may break your heart with one of its updates!

You can provide regular, ongoing content that pleases your darling Google; but you can also keep the quality high with fresh ideas, good scripting, quality video production and professional post production, to educate, inform and entertain your real flesh and blood audience too.

A good video production strategy – like all good ‘marriages’ – is a balancing act between give and take and being able to change and grow with the times.

Speak to Michael at Video Labs – to make the perfect relationship between video and your business happen: 1300 881 783


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