Brisbane Video Production News – Watch Out! Google is About to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!

“What has Google got to do with my video production strategy?” some Brisbane business owners may be wondering. Well, video and Google are big bed-fellows for a number of reasons – partly because they own YouTube, but it goes a lot deeper than that.

Google has made their name as the biggest and best search engine because of the relevance of their search results. If they ceased to be relevant they would decline in popularity and some other huge search monster would displace them at the top.

That’s why Google is serious about weeding out rubbish from their search engines and upping the quality with the most relevant search results. What is relevant to people and businesses these days? Video, social networks and informative and engaging content. So, get ready because that’s exactly what their search results will try to reflect.

The Next Big Google “Dance”

The next big Google “dance”, when they shake up their algorithms and change the way the results work, is expected soon. It’s always a time when web developers, SEO people and businesses alike get a little nervous about how their rankings will be affected.

As a Brisbane business with video production as a big part of your marketing strategy you should not worry. If you are producing regular, informative, entertaining, optimised content, then neither Google nor any of the search engines will be out to punish you. Even if your rankings take a temporary hit, good content will always get you seen near the top of the results.

As you may already realise, search results have included video listings for keywords for quite some time now.

That’s not about to change, but according to some in the know, like Ed Dale, there is a massive change about to take place. This will be a fundamental change in the way search results are to be delivered.

Massive Search Changes

What appears to be about to happen is the demotion of the backlink. These are what SEO people have been focused on for the past many years in terms of off-page SEO; getting backlinks to point to a site to provide it with authority and standing has been the key SEO strategy. Of course, “gaming” this system is certainly not unheard of.

The trouble is, backlinks are less relevant today, as people use social media to “like” and “retweet” so this makes search results less reflective of the content that people really want to see.

This is a big problem for Google and one which, as they have done in the past, they are expected to meet head on with a “scorched earth policy” that will have many SEO people running for the exits.

As a business, you should already know the importance of social media, providing regular content to your audience and keeping them informed, educated and even entertained.

This latest change will be bad news for old-style SEO but GREAT news for those of you with video production strategies that produce consistent, high quality content – on a weekly or monthly basis.

The Market Leadership Club for Video Production

Sorry to get a bit sales-y on you, but we recently released our new, monthly Market Leadership Club packages which gets video content up and out there regularly for your business. It is precisely the type of content that will be rewarded by Google and help you rise to the top of the rankings and stay there.

Speak to Michael on 1300 881 783 for more details.


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