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Vimeo Videos Can Now Earn You Cash

September 24, 2012

Vimeo Videos Can Now Earn You Cash

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Changes to the Vimeo video platform….

Vimeo has just announced a couple of facilities to enable paid members to earn cash for the videos that they post on their site.

Here we look at the Vimeo model and what the new changes mean.

The Vimeo Video Sharing Model

For those of you who haven’t used it, Vimero is a video sharing website where users can upload and share their videos; they can also, of course, watch other videos that other users have posted. In this respect it is very similar to YouTube.

It is a major player, with over 70 million users worldwide and 13 million registered users.

One of the key differences with Vimeo is its commitment to quality. It was the first video sharing site to support HD. Many of the videos featured on Vimeo are of higher quality than the average video featured on YouTube.

Many businesses upload videos to Vimeo in addition to their YouTube channel, though it is certainly not a business-only site.

The New Developments – Tip Jar and Pay-to-View

The new facility for videos to receive cash from viewers is called “Tip Jar.” Viewers will also be able to send a tip to a video they like by using Paypal; the video maker keeps 85% and 15% goes to Vimeo.

Another major change will allow video makers to put paywalls around their productions and this will be active within the next few months.

Once it is properly rolled out at the end of the year, subscribers will be able to customise the pay-per-view options, whereby they can control price, distribution location and rental duration.

Subscribers regularly uploading content to Vimeo will also be able to pay for extra space or features like branded video players, reflecting its ongoing commitment to the high quality end of the market, and especially for business-oriented videos.

Your Business Video Options

Your business may be able to pick up value from the Vimeo changes. It’s fine having your free YouTube channel, but consider a paid Vimeo membership too; as the general quality improves and more and more HD video is uploaded, Vimeo will likely become an even bigger player.

There are other video platforms which have offered a pay-to-view model  – mainly business video sites like Ooyala, Vzaar and Brightcove; even YouTube is providing a paywall facility for streaming live events.

If your business is creating regular video content, knowing where to put those videos for maximum exposure is just as important as the videos themselves. That’s why it’s good to find a video production company that knows marketing as well as the video business. Speak to Michael at Video Labs on 1300 881 783.



September 23, 2012